Standard Chartered launches retail digital banking initiatives with Brand Ambassador Anushka Sharma

image001Standard Chartered Bank recently announced the launch of its retail digital banking initiatives which will empower customers to avail of a seamless digital experience across various banking services – from opening accounts real time to interacting digitally with relationship managers (RMs).

The Bank launched the instant digital account opening capability which enables customers to instantly open a savings account using their AADHAR details through online or mobile interfaces.

The Bank announced that customers can now also make investments in mutual funds and initiate payments through Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and Bharat QR besides a suite of digital banking capabilities.

Additionally, customers can chat online for their service requests and Priority and Premium Banking clients can seek advice or resolutions much quicker through video conferencing with RMs.

To create a strong connection with this ever increasing young working audience, the Bank brings aboard actor Anushka Sharma as its brand ambassador. Anushka, as one of India’s top actors and youth icon, personifies the affluent youth and their upwardly mobile aspirations while representing the values and ethos of the Bank.

Recognising the rapid adoption of technology in a young and aspirational India, we had embarked on a journey of Retail transformation.  Our intent is to use technology with a human touch, transforming the entire client experience; making it digitally capable and seamless, but keeping customer centricity at the core of all we do,” said Zarin Daruwala, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, India.

Today is an important milestone in this journey. We are launching a suite of digitally powered banking services across account opening, UPI transactions and virtual RMs and are delighted to partner with youth icon, Anushka Sharma on this. The freshness, positivity and ambition she reflects is a great match with our digital initiatives and our ambition to be the preferred digital bank for the youth,” Zarin Daruwala added


Picture 2 - Standard Chartered bank launches retail digital banking init...

Anushka Sharma said, “Standard Charter combines vintage of 160 years in India and the drive to stay contemporary and cutting-edge. As an artist, I strive to challenge myself through my choice of roles and the films I produce through my production house Clean Slate Films. The subtext of never settling in this campaign was the reason I identified with and became the brand ambassador for their products and services.” 

Consumers, particularly millennials, expect banking services to be faster and seamless on the back of smart digital interfaces. The launch will help the Bank take its rich product-suite to the young and emerging affluent customers, even as it reinforces its strong position with the affluent audience.


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