Meltwater Events to host Krazy Kids Karnival Season 2 in Mumbai & Pune


The Krazy Kids Karnival – Season 2 returns to Mumbai starting October 26 – 28, 2018 at BKC. The popular children’s festival celebrates the empowerment of kids and teens through various events that will help them recognize their future.

Children from the one year to 14 years can enjoy the Karnival along with their parents. The carnival focuses on, play, learn and understand the future and passion of the kid. In an era where most of the students prefer to play online games and Google about their future plans, this Karnival will give the kids and family an opportunity to experience true childhood the authentic way.

Sharing the endeavour initiated by Meltwater Events, Co-founder, Navin Todi shared “This Karnival will help to understand the overall development of the kids. Bigger art zone, as well as science experiment zone that will include Robotics, will be the new attractions this year. Along with adventures sports, rock climbing, and also fun-zone is including the Trampoline Park which even parents can enjoy.  This will be a space where the family will come together to have fun along with knowledge.”

Added, Niphul Jain, Co-Founder of Meltwater Events, “New things will be added in the Karnival for the kids as well as parents this year. There will be a farming session for the first time so the kids understand from where the food comes that they eat. Also, there will be a Do-It-Yourself zone wherein kids develop what they want. There will be a flea market, food court for all to enjoy.”

The ultimate one-stop solution for your kids, this carnival will give a learn-through-play Centre that offers many interactive exhibits for children. Among many things, children can explore will include various sessions like Pottery, sand art, puppet making, quilling, block painting, Fleximos.

The festival will feature a variety of events for both kids and adults including a literacy carnival, a soul-music dance party, science games etc. This will be one of the largest and most successful events dedicated to children and families. Last year the exhibition had a tremendous footfall of more than 30,000. This year the exhibitors are prepared and expecting it to increase.

There will be workshops and essay-writing and prep classes for kids of all age groups. The event will offer kids a chance to make their own world. The Karnival will have an exhibition space that showcases the latest and most innovative products and services for children and families.

Ultimately for parents also there will be open discussions on parenting, cooking, health, Safety, Wellness. No matter what kind of subject interests your child there will be something for the kid as well as the parent.

People behind KrazyKidsKarnival 

Navin Todi.jpg

Navin Todi – Director & Co-Founder of Meltwater Events

Born into a family where business has always been into creative fields hence the artistic nature is now reflected in his work. The mind behind Marketing and operations did his MBA in Finance and has experience of 10 years in the event management field.

Meltwater, a recognized company name in kids’ event space is his nurtured baby and he is working on it to grow. Along with this, he likes to spend time at the orphanage. He usually celebrates most occasions over there with orphans.


niphul jainNiphul Jain – Director & Co-Founder of Meltwater Events

As the genes in his family run in on entrepreneurial exploration, he always grabs every chance of opportunity he gets into business. He is MBA in Finance and has 10years of combined experience in Event as well as Finance, as he has worked with more than 100 corporate clients and still working on.

He has grown the Meltwater Events with his experience in Sales and Operations with more than 100 employees under their wings to grow it. His leisure time goes into playing or either watching Cricket. He likes reading in his pastime.



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