One Nation. One Card – a well thought out gesture by PM Narendra Modi.

rupay.jpgAt a function held in Ahmedabad recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘One Card One Nation’ – making it an all purpose multi-utility card which will replace the zillions of cards required for your daily transactions.

The ‘One Card One Nation’ revolution offers respite from all payment modes with just one Rupay option – whether your travel convenience, retail transaction and more.

The Indigenous Automatic Fare Collection System based on One Nation One Card Model i.e. National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is the first of its kind in the country.  The Union Ministry of Urban affairs have been working on it since 2006, when it was envisaged it as part of the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP).

The One Nation One Card is India’s first indigenously developed payment ecosystem. The initiative is supported by the Automatic Fare Collection Gate called ‘Swaagat’ and an open Loop Automatic Fare Collection System called ‘Sweekar.’ Both Swaagat and Sweekar have been developed in India.

The card offers a swipe-to-pay option for any of your transport ecosystem allowing quick payment options for Metro, Railway, Bus and or even other modes of public transport.

oneThe One Nation One Card can be compared to a RuPay debit/credit card issued by your bank.

It can also be used to pay for parking charges and at the toll booths.

A few luring offers with cashback offers on certain merchant outlets card will also be accepted at popular Dinner Club Merchants and ATMs.

The automatic fare collection system has been installed in a few stations of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the first level trials have been marked as successful.

The first level trails have been successfully completed in collaboration with CDAC, BEL, NPCI and SBI. Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) came out with the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) program to ensure seamless travel across metros and other transport systems in addition to retail shopping and purchases.

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