Top Indian creators meet to finalize Cinematic Tourism Policy of Gujarat Govt.

A stakeholders meeting was organized by the Tourism Ministry of Gujarat on 20th September 2021 at The Leela Hotel, Gandhinagar, Gujarat to seek the opinion and suggestions before finalizing the Cinematic Tourism Policy of the Gujarat Government. On behalf of IFTPC, Mr. JD Majethia-Chairman TV/WEB, Mr. Suresh Amin CEO and Mr. Asit Modi TV Wing attended the meeting, Mr. NR Pachisia Director IFTPC attended the meet on Zoom

Mr. Jenu Dewan after welcoming the participants presented AV screening on the draft Cinematic Tourism Policy of Gujarat and sought suggestions from the stakeholders present. Mr. Hareet Shukla, Secretary of Tourism addressed the gathering and elaborated on the draft policy.

A meaningful discussion took place with all the participants espousing the problems faced while shooting and gave suggestions to improve the policy. The participants were requested to send their suggestions for engagement before 30th September 2021.

Mr. Jenu Dewan informed that they have studied in-depth all the State and International policies and have endeavored to incorporate the best features from it. He further said that as far as possible all the suggestions will be incorporated in the Draft Policy and circulated to all the stakeholders present before finalizing the draft Policy.

The Policy will incorporate the subsidy and other financial benefits including tax concessions & incentives and a Single Window Clearance Policy for all the beautiful and historic locations.

A coffee table book on the locations in Gujarat was given to all the stakeholders present at the meeting. IFTPC promised to send a detailed suggestion before 30th September 2021.

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