Power Icon Priyanka Chopra all set to Launch Anomaly Hair Care in India

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, known for her beauty and business brains launched her haircare line Anomaly earlier this year. The product line instantly became a favourite as it is one of the few beauty and care brands that is entirely cruelty free, vegan and eco- conscious that caters to a wide variety of hair types. The brand was primarily launched in the USA and was carried by places like Target among others.

So it comes as a joyous revelation to Indians when Priyanka Chopra Jonas finally took to Instagram to announce the launch of Anomaly in India. Now a global icon with multiple careers under her belt, Priyanka was seen gushing in the post about the launch scheduled towards the end of the month and how she is excited to have the product be launched in her home country. She promises the brand is beneficial to all hair types with a large range of product line.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s new range of hair care ANOMALY to launch in India

Anomaly is scheduled for a launch on Nykaa and other offline stores on 26th August, 2022 and promises to be a revolution in the hair category with a focus on superior, environmentally-conscious, class-leading formulas.

The actress continues her journey in film and entertainment with the upcoming American series ‘Citadel’ besides a bunch of Bollywood projects lined up in coming times.


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