Infused with a new zest for life, 38-yr-old Mumbai resident weighing 262kg sheds 41kg in 4 weeks post Bariatric surgery.


Kalpesh Limbachiya, a 38-yr old resident of Kandivali, in the western suburbs of Mumbai suffered from morbid obesity. He kept trying multiple diets and exercise regimes. Every time he would lose weight it would come roaring back within a short span of time. During Covid pandemic due to all the restrictions, he could not continue with the rigorous exercise regime and regained weight very fast. He started struggling to perform his routine activities. In December 2022, he reached his highest weight of 262 Kgs. Along with weight gain he developed multiple other diseases as mentioned above. He could barely walk and was dependent on his family members for everything. Due to his declining health, he had to leave his job as well.

The family then started looking for solutions and were referred to Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, a bariatric surgeon at Namaha Hospital. Along with her team, she guided…

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