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Hi everyone,

I’m Saveeta Bajaj

You can call me ’Savvy’

Editor / Blogger / Publisher of both http://www.LifestylesOfMumbai.in and http://www.GlobalNewsmakers.in, the role of handling the two of my newest babies came to me naturally, considering my background in Media and Communication.

Back in 2004, I got my first stint  as a Producer / Fixer to   CNN.com thereby leading to  a decade long association with CNN International.  Following suit were other prominent media houses as Al Jazeera International, Reuters, ABC News, Channel Four, History among other visiting crew members.   Each story showcased the city and its newsmakers for their true-to-life-experience and their very-global-appeal,  and it only got better as years passed by.

I yearned to continue what I started and that’s how the portals came into being, allowing me to showcase the going-ons of this iconic city’s events, happenings and profiling the newsmakers.

With motherhood setting in, the task got intense, my now 10-year old #Jeehan is a young lad who at times leads, assists and even allows me to baby him through his experiences of life.  My life partner and BFF #DineshBajaj has been my superman the ‘wind-beneath-my-wings’, allowing me to walk, trot and gallop at my own pace. And am eternally grateful to my family both past and present for being what they are – wonderful, humble and delightful people.

Both my blogs encompass all aspects of this vibrant and multi-cultured city – its people, places, business, lifestyle and so much more. So far….I’m loving it! I am reliving my life through the eyes of my son, revisiting places, making new friends, and building more meaningful ‘qualitative’ relations. I have learned so much in such a small space of time and it becomes incredibly addictive. I could spend hours looking at the mechanics of managing the website.

And it is only with immense pride I announce that for the 2nd consecutive year our blog site http://www.LifestylesOfMumbai.in has been ranked at No.#3 among the Top 20 Lifestyle portals of Mumbai, we thank the readers and our followers for giving us so much love and allowing us to tell our stories.  We still have many milestones to get to but in our second year and still going good, we are indeed blessed.

I hope this has been somewhat interesting to you and thank you for reading. You can contribute with your stories and/or reach us on the following coordinates :

Lifestyle Product / Brand placement : lifestylesofmumbai@gmail.com

Newsmakers and Global Trendsetters profiling : globalnewsmakers@gmail.com

Mommy and Happy Parenting : mumbaimommyblogger@gmail.com




|| This life….Blog….is dedicated to my Mom and my Mother-in-law ||